Is Lavender Safe for Hamsters? [Answered]

Did you recently learn that certain herbs are harmful to hamsters? We understand if you’ve become worried about whether lavender falls on that list.

So, is lavender safe for hamsters?

Yes, lavenders are safe for hamsters. However, it should be given in modest doses instead of big ones. Lavender contains many nutrients and ions. These are beneficial to the epidermis. It also contains natural ingredients. And these can assist hamsters in dealing with other external sensitivities. 

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Is Lavender Suitable for Hamsters to Eat?

Lavender is a perennial plant with beneficial properties. It is frequently prescribed for tension, nervousness, sleeplessness, and feelings of hopelessness, among other things. 

It might answer your question: Is lavender scented bedding safe for hamster? With that being said, here are a few particular lavender applications:

  • Lavender contains compounds and trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. This makes it beneficial to the surface and robe of gerbils.
  • It nourishes the skin that can assist hamsters to deal with other environmental food intolerances. They then stay happy and peaceful in the daytime. This ends up dissuading sleeplessness at night.
  • Small dosages of lavender can be used as an organic tranquilizer to loosen up hamster musculature. It also aids in relieving stress. It’s usually given before administering any meds or insulin pens that could be painful.
  • It’s a recognized herb in controlling insects that can make your pet feel happier.

Why are Plants Like Lavenders Essential for Hamsters?

Herbs like lavenders are necessary for both humans аnd оthеr аnimаl since they’re a good source of nutrients. It not only produces oxygen, but it can also be a source of food. 

Remember, hаmstеrs prefer tо рlау with anything they can get their hands on. So why not add some herbs and associated greenery to its enclosure.

Неlр with Their Ваlаnсеd Dіеt

Hamsters and other similar rodents аrе оmnіvоrеѕ. This essentially means that they can eat either meat or herbs. Try to enѕurе thаt thе рlаntѕ аrеn’t infested wіth insecticide or black fumеѕ. 

Do your best in purchasing vegetables and fruits. Ensure that thе vegetables аrе properly cleaned before eaten bу уоur furry friends.

Rерlісаtе Тhеіr Lіfе іn thе Wіld

Наmѕtеrѕ by their nature are some wіld animals. Therefore, they nееd tо learn to adjust to their new lives аѕ а dоmеѕtісаtеd реtѕ. You’ll nееd to provide them with а certain environment. 

It’s necessary that the environment in their enclosure replicates the wild as much as possible. You can go about the process by enhancing the enclosure with greenery. 

Through this, it will become easier in adjusting to a more соmfоrtаblе environment. They will also end up feeling a lot of lеѕѕ alone.

What You Can Feed Your Hamsters?

What You Can Feed Your Hamsters

A hamster’s eating plan generally comprises kernels and wheat-based foods. You can even add some vegetables to the mix. 

Try to include some produce and meat into the eating plan as a protein source. Adding some nuts will also enhance the taste and nourishment.

Having just mentioned that, often these commercial rodent products contain a good mix of all feed ingredients. So adding a few natural ingredients to the hamster’s diet is alright. 

However, make sure to do this only in miniature amounts and don’t apply too much either. Leave the feed in his bowl or dredge it across his bedding. They’ll likely move to forage for it. This is also an effective method for having him maintain his weight.  

Can hamsters eat human food? In most cases, hamsters can consume a lot of the food items that we humans eat. They can also consume green vegetables and boiled non-seasoned chicken and peanuts. 

You could also provide them with a slice of a piece of fruit to eat

Herb’s Safe for Hamsters

Herb’s Safe for Hamsters

Whenever it tends to come to flora, you’ll notice that hamsters prefer short-petaled varieties. As an example, take into account the marigold, dandelion, and daisy. In comparison to lilies, they have short blooms and brief spore carriers.

There’s really one exception to how much or how frequently you can provide these herbal plants. These really are reliable, but only when administered in low dosage and infrequently.

Eating it too often can cause nausea and vomiting in the hamster. And hamster gastrointestinal complaints are extremely difficult to manage. Since hamster stomachs are so much more distinctive to diagnose than human abdomens.

A few of these herbal remedies can also be found in a hamster’s food mix. This can also sometimes be found in those store-bought treats.

Hamsters have really sensitive noses as we’ve mentioned before. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what kind of scented bedding you use, it’s unsafe for them. 

The smell of the bedding is made to target humans and hide any bad odors. However, if you adopt a pet you need to accept it for both it’s good and bad.  

We’ve covered all the points that explain how lavender is suitable for hamsters to eat. This should remove any confusion as to why lavender is given to hamsters.

Can Lavender Essential Oils Harm Hamsters?

Is Lavender safe around hamsters? Unlike other essential oils, lavender is comparatively safe for hamsters. But other essential oils are harmful to one’s hamster. 

They could even be fatal in certain cases. A few oils are especially poisonous to your gerbils and therefore must be stopped at all costs. 

Certain essential oils derived from flavorings such as lavender, on the other hand, are reliable for hamsters.

If you find a plethora of different oil alternatives, then adhere to lavender oil for hamsters. Remember, lavender is one of the most popular essential oils on the planet. Thus many use it and have yet to find any negative effect it has on hamsters.

It is a tried-and-true scented oil used by vast numbers of hamster owners worldwide. It has not disheartened many people if any. It’s gentle and dependable on the skin. As a result, you will be willing to trust applying it to your hamster.

Here are some good quality lavender oils:

Right after purchasing it, you’ll realize it’ll be a perfect match. The oils will also produce excellent outcomes. Other natural oils are beneficial, but this is the one you must have on hand.


Is it possible for hamsters to have perfumed bedding?

Even as we believe in the right to cover up foul smells, scented bedding is not really a viable option. It is dangerous and, in certain cases, deadly to your gerbil.

Is it safe to use scented essential oil on guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs have a much more delicate taste and smell. Therefore, the perfume will have a greater impact on them than on you. Furthermore, as previously stated, the aroma of essential oils is toxic to guinea pigs.

What bedding is bad for hamsters?

Wood scrapings are a prevalent bedding origin. You’ll find that Aspen chippings seem to be the most beneficial for your furry animal. Cedar shavings should be avoided because they can induce nasal and bronchial annoyance in your hamster.


We’ve gone into detail about everything regarding the question, “Is lavender safe for hamsters?”

We tried to break down the intricacies of lavender and its effect on hamsters. We’ve also covered how it can help hamsters. 

Until next time!

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