Why Is My Hamster Not Coming Out at Night? 8 Common Reasons

Have you noticed your hamster not coming out at night time? You’re probably confused by the phenomena as they are known to be nocturnal animals.

Why is my hamster not coming out at night?

Hamsters won’t come out at night if they’re suffering from stress or a change in routines. There’s also a chance that as your hamster is aging, it’s losing its vigor. It’s not unnatural for a hamster to stay within its enclosure all the time as a result.

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Reasons Why Your Hamster Won’t Come Out at Night?

Reasons Why Your Hamster Won’t Come Out at Night

We’ve broken down the 7 reasons why your hamster won’t come out at night. We hope that this helps you understand your hamsters more. 

Reason 1: Too Much Stimulation

Far too much stimulus might generate tremendous strain on your hamster. This might end up causing it to slumber at night. Permit your gerbil to do its work. Try to refrain from approaching it when it’s meant to be asleep.

Can you limit stimulation for your hamster?

Yes. Allow your rodent to sleep throughout the day. Keep everything away from your rodent that could cause sensory overload. Since this could cause your hamster to fall asleep at night.

Reason 2: Depression

Depression by itself can lead your gerbil to withdraw and slumber at weird times. Tension, as well as a shift in pattern or habitat, can create sadness in hamsters. This will end up leading to unneeded hibernation.

How can you support hamster through depression?

Quit shaking things up each day and adhere to what works for you and your gerbil. A melancholy hamster is constantly agitated and may chew unintentionally.

When a hamster is depressed, it will go into a deep slumber at night. Whereas, instead it should be up and alert.

Reason 3: Lack of Activities

Most hamster species are quite energetic. They require a wide range of activities to keep them entertained. They need this especially while they are up at night. Not providing your hamster with play items or activities will make them angry or tired.

But What hamsters do when sad or depressed? When hamsters are sad or depressed, they usually start damaging stuff. However, others will go forward and take naps.

Did you notice your hamster is napping and not being energetic? Then it could be due to a lack of diversions or games.

Do you believe you don’t have enough toys for your hamster and want to purchase some? Then we can assist you in locating the best ones; here are some hamster toy recommendations.

These toys will keep your hamsters distracted and keep them from getting stressed.

Reason 4: Stress

Far too many sounds in your residence is a prime illustration of stress for your rodent. If the hamster faces too much strain, all day it might end up sleeping at night. Then they will be staying awake daytime.

When your children return home from school, they might awaken your resting hamster. Consequently, at night, when your gerbil should be working, they will be snoozing. It will be so since they didn’t sleep throughout the day.

Reason 5: Temperature

Gerbils, despite their warm coats, do not perform well in cold weather. Even extremely high temperatures can kill your gerbil. Rodents, like frogs and fishes, require a specific temperature range to stay healthy.

Temperatures that are too high or too low might cause life-threatening diseases or heatstroke. 20-24 °C is a gorgeous and appropriate assessment of the environmental temperature for hamsters.

Another option is that your hamster is retiring because the environment is too cold for him.

Reason 6: Change of Routine

Whenever you’re continually altering settings through one period to the next, your gerbil experiences despair or anxiousness. Hamsters can become upset and stay asleep, so adhere to what works.

Stop trying to change the mealtime and enclosure placement every day. Ensure that when your hamster has settled into a routine, you maintain it. Pattern changes can affect hamsters to be more active. It will do so, especially when they should be napping. Then the hamster ends up slumbering when it should be alert.

Reason 7: Sick

Diseases are one of the main motives for rodents to fall asleep at night. It’s a problem because hamsters are known to be active at night. Diarrhea and dysentery are frequent hamster ailments. They can render your hamster very weak and exhausted.

When your hamster becomes weak, it will begin to snooze, interrupting its sleep. It is seen in your hamster’s food pattern, behavior, and excrement. Consult a veterinarian if your hamster continues to sleep at night.

What You Can Do to Resolve the Issue?

What You Can Do to Resolve the Issue

If your hamster isn’t getting out, we recommend utilizing the “bucket approach.” This strategy will succeed because it has long been suggested by specialists. Put some snacks in a small container, such as sunflower seeds, apples, or walnuts. However, don’t stick it too far or it ain’t coming out.

You can make a stairway out of books for your rodent to ascend. This approach certainly works by appealing to your hamster’s natural need to explore for sustenance. They’ll be encouraged to come out and look for the rewards if they can smell them.

Just ensure to praise and reassure your hamster once they do so.  So they become acquainted with you all and their new surroundings.

Gerbils are afraid of loud situations and prefer to be in areas that are calm and dark. So, if you’re in the room with your pet, keep your voice down.  Also, keep your actions to a minimum. It is extremely critical to assist children in comprehending this. Mostly because their actions and voices are more erratic.


Why Is My Gerbil Up at Night?

Since rodents are nocturnal, it’s only logical that they don’t sleep at night. Packing or closing your hamster’s enclosure and keeping his habitat darker will not induce sleep. After all, gloom stimulates these tiny mice to stay awake.

Is It Possible for Hamsters to be Lonely at Night?

No, Hamsters do not experience loneliness. Hamsters were formerly desert animals and are now commonly kept as pets. Since food and water are scarce in the sand, hamsters evolved to defend their resources.

Is It Necessary for a Hamster to Have Light at Night?

No. Hamsters don’t require light at night. They feed and exercise primarily at night. The darkness energizes them and prepares them to face their “days.” As a result, hamsters require that the lights be turned off at night.


We’ve answered your query on “Why is my hamster not coming out at night” in detail.

This article will help you figure out why it’s happening. It will also help you in understanding what you can do to fix the issue. Ensure that your hamster’s needs are met and well cared for if you want it happy.

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