Why Are Hamsters so Fragile (Safe Way to Hold Hamsters)

Hamsters fall sick really easily? Also, the death rate for hamsters is high. Moreover, hamsters can even become suicidal. So, being fragie for hamster can be nomal.

But the question is, why are hamsters so fragile?

Hamsters are so fragile because they are vulnerable to the environment. They fall sick really easily and can get born with medical conditions. Although, it can be vulnerability can be reduced through a balanced diet and proper treatment. You also need to spend time with your hamster.

There are more details of each part of the hamster’s vulnerability. We have given a proper guide to treatment with prevention methods. 

Why Are Hamsters so Fragile?

Why Are Hamsters so Fragile

Hamsters are fluffy and cute animals. But the thing is hamsters are really small. An average adult human can hold a hamster with their thumb. So, in comparison to our body mass, hamsters are really small.

Also, hamsters’ bones are really fragile. So if you press on the hamster too hard while cuddling, the bones can break easily. If you don’t hold your hamster the right way, it can get hurt.

The body structure of a hamster is similar to a human. The rib cage of the hamster is the most fragile part. Usually, the pet owner breaks the rib cage while tickling their cute pet. So handle hamsters with care.

Now, let’s learn how to hold a hamster in the proper way. 

How to Carefully Hold a Hamster?

How to Carefully Hold a Hamster

When you are playing with your hamster, you have to hold the hamster the right way. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself and your hamster. If the hamster is in discomfort, the hamster can bite on your fingers.

When you are picking your hamster up, use your full hand. Don’t pinch on the neck or fingers. Gently grab the hamster on your palm. Keep the hamster the way it’s most comfortable. Don’t squeeze it too hard.

If you squeeze the hamster too tight, you can cause breathing problems. Also, holding too tight can break the rib cage.

Other than hamsters being fragile, hamsters easily fall sick. Let’s learn why?

Why Does Hamster Fall Sick Easily?

Hamsters are vulnerable to many diseases. That’s why you see hamsters die so easily. Also, there are many types of diseases that even pet owners don’t know about. Although there are many reasons for that.

Poor diet, being dirty, depression, loneliness, and stress can cause all these illnesses.

Below we have a separate part that contains some of the major diseases a hamster can experience. 

What Kind of Diseases Do Hamsters Get?

There are various diseases a hamster can experience. Hamsters can fall sick really easily because they are really vulnerable. Most of the diseases are curable, but they can be expensive.

But do consult the vet before starting the treatment. The symptoms can differ from disease to disease. But, it’s better to be sure through an assessment by the vet. Let’s learn about the disease and how to treat them. 

Heart Diseases

This is one of the most common diseases a hamster can go under. The heart of a hamster is really weak. If the hamster is often scared, the heart can substantially weaken.

Heart diseases can cause sudden death. This answers, why do hamsters die so suddenly. Although, if your hamster has a medical condition from birth, the hamster can die young. That is why hamsters die so young.


To treat your heart you can try a different diet. Cranberries are really beneficial to cure heart diseases. Also, following the proper guidance of the vet can make sure your hamster gets the best treatment. 

Wet Tail Diseases

This disease is also known as diarrhea. It is deadly for hamsters. You can find the poop of your hamster being too liquid. Hamsters have a really small body mass. If they get diarrhea, it can be hard to recover. 


First, you need to clean the cage. Secondly, fix your hamster’s diet. Avoid any oily or animal protein treats. Fibrous foods are the ones to go with. Make sure to use fresh and good feed for your hamster. 

Common Cold

If your hamster has breathing problems, most probably it’s because of a cold. Hamsters can catch on to cold just like we do. You might also find the hamster coughing and sneezing. 


If your hamster has a cold, it’s better to visit the vet. Other than that, make sure the hamster’s cage has proper ventilation. Also, a clean cage will have let bacteria and viruses.

These are all the most common diseases a hamster can have. 

How to Keep Your Hamster Healthy and Happy?

Keeping your hamster happy and healthy will make sure it stays fit. There are a few things that you can do to make sure the hamster stays happy.

Can hamsters die from being scared?

A scared hamster has a chance of dying from a heart attack.

You can make sure the hamster has a balanced diet and healthy treats. Also, spending time with your hamster will keep depression away. A clean cage can keep diseases away.

We have listed the following guidelines below. 

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is required for all animals in order to stay fit. In a balanced diet, you will find all the nutritional values. A balanced diet for hamsters can be found in the stores. For homemade methods, make sure all the elements of nutrition are in the diet. 


Rewarding your hamster every now and then is a good idea. And rewarding can be done with treats. But do remember treats consist of 10% of the whole diet. So don’t feed your hamster too many treats. 

Play Time

Keeping your hamster out of depression is important. Spend time with your hamster by playing with them. Tickle your hamster in the belly. Depression is the reason why are hamsters so suicidal.

You can also buy toys for your hamster to play with. Here are some cool toys for your hamsters to play with:

The toys are really safe to play with for your hamsters. 

A Clean Cage

Keep bacteria and viruses away from your hamster’s home. Make sure to clean your hamster’s house if there’s any sort of bad smell. Also, remember to change the water and clean the unfinished meals.

These are some of the simple things to follow in order to keep your hamster happy. 


What Types of Heart Conditions Can a Hamster Develop?

A hamster can develop 3 types of heart conditions. The types are; cardiomyopathy, atrial thrombosis, and congestive heart failure. These are the types of conditions you hamster can develop. 

Can Hamsters Get Dehydrated?

Hamsters can get dehydrated. It’s better to use a water feeder in the cage. And always make sure your hamster has access to water. A hamster won’t drink too much water. if you are thinking, are hamsters dumb? They are not. 

Can Hamsters Die out of Stress and Depression?

Stress and depression can be the cause of death. If the hamster is alone and you don’t spend time with it, it can get stressful. It can cause loneliness and the hamster can become suicidal.


That should answer why are hamsters so fragile.

As hamsters are really vulnerable animals you should always treat them in a better way.

Have fun with your cutest pet!

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